The 10 Commandments

the 10 commandments for hip hop artists:
- roughly translated from Thomas Heerma van Voss

1.    Do not start a discussion you do not want to have
A simple rule, but lots of rappers seem to find this rather difficult. Rappers like to give people their opinion. No problem.The problem is the silence that often follows after giving this opinion. Giving your opinion? No problem.Just be prepared to defend it when people ask, also on Twitter and Facebook.

2. Do not forget, the media helps you, not the other way around
Maybe the most important one of them all: never ever forget that the media is there to help you, you are not there to help them. Interviewers, reviewers, event calendar compilers, they all (indirectly) advertise your product, you never advertise theirs. That sounds logic, but how often do we see rappers who hang in their chair, while they look around bored during interviews? Or worse: rappers who explicitly run away from the media (because they can not take negative reviews?). You may not agree with a piece or review, but never loose sight of the basics: a journalist is there to do you a favour.

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