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The Southern African Music Rights Organisation is a collection society whose main purpose is to create value for the creators and the users of music. This organisation, being in existence since 1962 has built for itself a reputable presence in the music industry, not only within the continent of Africa but also internationally as it is a member in good standing of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC).

Copyrights unpacked

By Russel Hlongwane and Marlyn Ntsele


Copyright seems to be one of those words that all artists are expected to know the meaning of. We at Onexus know it is not always easy and that it is even harder to keep up within an industry of rapid technological change. Worry not, we will help you “unpack” the term.  

Copyright is: 

“ Protection that covers any work that can been seen, heard and/or touched, if these works are on tangible material ”

It is the Copyrights Act of 1976 that governs copyright in South Africa.

Copyrights protects the creators of an artwork, so also of a musical work. There are two conditions for a work to receive copyrights protection:

1.    The musical work has to be tangible – it can not be an idea in your head.
2.    The musical work has to be original – it has to be your  own work.


In South Africa the copyrights of a musical work valid for the life of the author +50 years. In other words, the copyright is removed 50 years after the death of the ‘’creator’’. After this the ‘’product’’ belongs to the public domain.

Copyrights is an exclusive right. This means that only the author has the rights to decide what happens to his or her musical work, unless her or she has given someone permission and remember this has to be in writing. This right exists automatically once you come up with the work.

Owning the copyrights over a song gives the rights to:
●    Make a sound recording;
●    Reproduce a sound recording;
●    Arrange, adapt, translate and sample the sound recording;
●    Broadcast a sound recording;
●    Give others permission to do the above.

Now to be able the proof you own the Copyrights in your work and to earn royalties it is wise to register your music with SAMRO (South African Music Rights Organization). All you now need is download a form (www.samro.org.za) or head over to a SAMRO office near you to register as a member and enjoy the benefits.

SAMRO Details;
Hotline - 0800 247 247
Email - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
SMS: 45141 @ R1 per SMS


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The Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien announce the PIERROT LUNAIRE INTERNATIONAL COMPOSITION COMPETITION 2014. Composers from all over the world - are invited to present works for the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien. Created on an initiative of the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien the Pierrot Lunaire International Composition Competition 2014 will launch its edition during the 2014-2015 seasons.

This competition for chamber works will be open to composers of all nationalities, with no age restrictions. Its aim is to encourage and promote musical creation while developing lasting ties between the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien and the composers of today and, in this way, actively contribute to a renewal of the chamber repertoire.

Prize for the winning Composition:
1. Prize: Euro 5.000, - and minimum three performances by the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien. during its 2014-2015 international concert tour season. Additionally, the Pierrot Lunaire Ensemble Wien could create a list of pieces which it suggests for performance along with the prize-winning pieces during the 2014-2015 international concert tour season.
Deadline for entries: The scores, the registration application and the enclosed documents must be sent December 17th, 2013 (certified by the post office stamp).

You are also advised to visit their website http://www.pierrotlunaire.at

SAMRO Retirement Annuity Fund (SRAF)

samro logoThe SAMRO Retirement Annuity Fund was established in 1969 for members of SAMRO. The Fund is a separate legal entity registered by the Registrar of Pension Fund’s and is administered by a specialist retirement fund administration company (Robson Savage (Pty) Ltd). Every person who was accepted as a member of SAMRO before 1 January 2013, automatically qualified for membership of the SAMRO Retirement Annuity Fund. Contributions were previously made annually to the Fund on behalf of every member who earned royalties in Southern Africa in any particular year by SAMRO from the SAMRO Social Fund. Following changes to the Companies Act which came into effect on 1 May 2013, SAMRO can no longer allocate funds to contribute to the Fund on behalf of members. The funding of future contributions is currently being investigated by the Trustees of the Fund and attorneys have been engaged to advise the Trustees and SAMRO in this regard. The Fund continues to invest existing members’ benefits as before and existing benefits continue to grow with the returns earned by the underlying investments.

Onexus has helpdesk at KZN Music Imbizo

imbizologoDate:   Thursday 29 August – Saturday 31 August 2013
Venue: The Royal Hotel (Anton Lembede Street – former Smith, Durban)
Time:   8am – 4pm
Entrance Fee: FREE

Onexus will run a "live" helpdesk from this location at the above mentioned times. So if you have any questions, contracts you would like us to advice on or you simply want to know who is behind these words? Come visit us at KZN Music Imbizo!





KZN Music Imbizo is an independent annual music business exhibition and conference that is held in Durban (South Africa). The conference collects various music industry stakeholders under one roof to map new and exciting ways forward for the KwaZulu-Natal music industry. It is a platform to exhibit, network, share expertise and knowledge.
The Imbizo was launched in 2007 by a private company called Creative Lead Productions (now operating as Creative Lead) with the assistance of the eThekwini Municipality and a number of partners. The KZN Music Imbizo is now a fully registered entity – operating as a private company.
The conference has grown to attract local & international speakers, musicians, brands, partners and sponsors. The event has played host to the Durban Film Office, SEDA, ProSound, AIRCO, uKhozi FM, Sheer Publishing, KUMISA, Spoor & Fisher, Department of Arts & Culture (Provincial & National) and numerous other well-known organisations over the years.
SAMPRA - SAMPRA is a collective licensing society of copyright owners of music sound recordings. Its mandate is to collect and distribute royalties to the members of the Recording Industry of South Africa (RiSA) whenever their recordings are broadcast, diffused or communicated to the public.
SAMRO - The Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) is a leading regional copyright administration business, dealing primarily with the administration of music composers’ and authors’ Performing Rights. SAMRO was established in 1961 under the stewardship of Dr Gideon Roos Senior, to protect the intellectual property of composers and authors and to ensure that their creative output is adequately accredited and compensated both locally and internationally.
SAMRO FOUNDATION – SAMRO Foundation is a newly-registered non-profit organisation which  replaces the SAMRO Endowment for the National Arts (SENA). The Foundation is the social investment and music education arm of SAMRO, the Southern African Music Rights Organisation. André le Roux is its Executive General Manager, in addition to his post as Executive General Manager: Corporate Social Investment of SAMRO.
DTI VISION - "A dynamic industrial, globally competitive South African economy, characterised by inclusive growth and development, decent employment and equity, built on the full potential of all citizens".

  • Promote structural transformation, towards a dynamic industrial and globally competitive economy
  • Provide a predictable, competitive, equitable and socially responsible environment, conducive to investment, trade and enterprise development
  • Broaden participation in the economy to strengthen economic development; and
  • Continually improve the skills and capabilities of the dti to effectively deliver on its mandate and respond to the needs of South Africa's economic citizens.

GODTUNES – GodTunes™  is a Global Network for Unsigned Christian Artists, providing services to aid the artists and authors. We offer digital download services to top digital stores such as iTunes, Amazon Spotify, etc. We also have an eMagazine that features the latest Unsigned News, a digital store that offers legal digital downloads. The GodTunes™ portal is designed to serve the needs of the Unsigned Christian music community.

Needletime in short

by Siphesihle Msomi

posa-logo-header Lately needletime has been rather infamous because of its processes and the wait for it to be implemented.  In this article, the focus will be to explain what needletime is for those musicians who may lack understanding.

Accounting for artists

accounting1As an artist you are a business. Besides giving amazing concerts and making the best music there’s also a necessary evil called accounting. Maybe not the sexiest way to spend your time, but we promise: you will pick the fruits.

What is accounting?

Accounting is about keeping track of your money: how much is coming in and how much is going out. The books you keep must show:

1.    Income - all the money that comes into the band (gigs, sponsoring, merchandise sales, …)
2.    Expenditure - all the money that is spent by the band (bank charges, catering, transport, …)
3.    Balance - the money that is left over at the end of each month

Call for Showcase Applications for MOSHITO

20194 resized moshito300

Moshito will take place from 21 to 23 September 2013. Once again, and as a tradition of Moshito, emerging and established artists or bands from different genres and styles and from the South Africa, the Continent and the World all over are invited to submit proposals to showcase their artistic expressions at Moshito 2013.

Successful artists will be chosen based on the following criteria:

1) Their ability to fund their travel and accommodation to Moshito

2) A compelling creative proposal matching the stature and character of Moshito showcases

3) Ability to perform with live Artists

Bands wishing to showcase will be required to submit their proposal the following to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

A) MP3 x 2 Songs

B) Artist or Band Biography

C) Performance or Publicity Photos x 3 (1 megabyte)

D) Press Clippings (where available)

Also, the above can delivered either by mail or hand to the following address: 10 Henry Nxumalo Street Newtown Johannesburg, 2001 SOUTH AFRICA Tel +27 11 838 9145

Closing Date: 31 August 2013

Your live performances

by Siphesihle Msomi

performingI am not by any means an environmentalist but I cannot escape thinking how it would be to see exactly how the orange flower protruding amongst green leaves had come to existence.  I would like to see the process of its growth in real time and not just some well prepared montage.  It occurred to me that the processes of aesthetics are mostly hidden to us, could this be the reason we love seeing a live performance from our favourite musician?  If true, then this has some implications towards the rehearsal and performance process, right?

Choosing your performance venue

by Russel Hlongwane

The stage is yet another touch-point of the music and the fan. The importance of performance today is even greater due to the ‘’steady’’ demise of the compact disc and live venues have rose to the occasion. But how does an artist strategize and prioritize his list of performing venues?


Well, the reasons may vary, maybe the artists wants to ‘’crossover’’ to tap into a different market. Or maybe because the artist has decided to raise his bar by performing at an immaculately professional venue, and as a result, his fans and peers will give him that heightened respect. And what if performing at café’s, galleries and other public spaces is just the perfect picture that an artist wants to portray of an upcoming experimental album? It should become apparent by now that the venues at which you perform impacts your reputation and the industry’s perception of you.

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