Planting your image into the media

Whats your story

By Marlyn Ntsele

Based on The Muzikanten GIds by Jan van der Plas & Tijs Vastesaeger

When selling your music, you cannot avoid the media, in fact you ‘’kind of’’ need them. And media might need you to fill up their pages and broadcasting time because that’s how they make their money, and that’s how you get yours. Media relations’ is a collaborative game, one that you need to play together (with the journo). And both parties need to know the rules. In this article we explain how it works….sit tight.

The Interview

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 8.38.26 AMBy Russel Hlongwane and Marlyn Ntsele

Based on "De muzikantengids - Jan van der Plas & Tijs Vastesaeger

Communicating with media requires a particular mannerism, you need to have a story, you have to be ‘’cool’’ and at the same time professional. It’s no wonder a lot of musicians suffer from insecurities when it comes to connecting with journalists and over time they fortunately gain their confidence.

Karen Van Pletsen --- Performances: Negotations & Contracts

KarenInterview with Karen Van Pletsen --- Performances: Negotations & Contracts

By Russel Hlongwane

As many times as it has been mentioned, the decline of the CD has meant that artists are relying more heavily on performance revenues. And it also seems that the paperwork side of performance aspect could be a strange world. So to help us navigate this foreign land, our friend Karen Van Pletsen gave us a few pointers to consider.   


KatalystTHE STUDIO: interview with K@Alyst NDO.  Twitter: @VulaneMthembu

By Siphesihle Msomi...

Tell us about K@Alyst NDO and how did you start out?
K@Alyst NDO the first cat on your best hip hop list. Well a soul brother and groove collector.  I am a former maths and science teacher, now photographer and producer. Quite a mouthful ha ha.  Started rapping in 1995 and discovered I suck at it and moved onto production in 2001. My first beat was made in May that year just before the Black August Concert that was held in Durban. Wanted to sling my beat to Jeru Da Damaja or Black Thought because I had heard they were going to be coming through. Ha ha ha. Never got to do it but I managed to link up with Jeru which set me up for a career in producing. What really made me get into hip hop particularly was hearing Arrested Development back in '91. That sound blew me away especially their '94 sophomore album "Zingalamaduni". I had never had hip hop sound so musical and African at the same time. They had a band and everything going on there. I could identify with it. Producing wise I would say Fantastic Vol II especially the song "untitled" that set me off to wanna do beats.”


Music Business according to Neil Comfort

BusiTribute 061How did you get involved in the music industry?
A dear family friend was killed in a car crash on Christmas eve 1992. He had been working with Busi Mhlongo and her band Twasa, using funding from my older brother Steve. At the time I was at the South African research station in the Antarctica, coming to the end of my 15 months down there. My brother sent a telegram asking if I had any plans when I got back in March 1993 and whether I would consider getting involved in assisting Busi with the band. I said I would, but first I had a four month overseas trip planned. When I got back from all those travels, I started going around to Busi's residence at 12 Grace Avenue, Westville (it's now a parking lot for the Westwood Mall). We would sit and talk for hours, sometimes right through the night, as I got to know her. Besides Busi, pianist Susan Barry also stayed at the house along with various members of Twasa, who would come and go. People like guitarists Doc Mthalane and Mshaks Gasa. Regular visitors to the house included Sipho Gumede, Madala Kunene, Bheki Mseleku, Sandile Shange and so on. This was where I received my education in music, specifically Durban music. It was also where I became conscientized about the struggles of the black man in South Africa - struggles that continue today.

Promoting your band

by Russel Hlongwanemusic make you lose control by parkour13-d34wv1c

According to research by ‘’Unsigned Guide UK’’, 76% of musicians would sign up to a major for the pure reason of marketing and promotional support. And in Germany this statistic is much higher at 95%, a study conducted by BVMI respectively.

Live sound equipment and set-up

By Marlyn Ntsele

A performance often comes with a lot of work, such as hiring sound, lighting and transport. In this article we give you some practical tips to manage this task.


Starting a band: PART 2

by Russel Hlongwane & Marlyn Ntsele

Make sure you read PART 1 first:

Playing covers186394755 start a band xlarge
If the direction of the band is to play covers and you have established your genre, the next step is to list the ‘’hits’’ of the genre. This list will determine which songs the bands will perform. The songs will have to fit your target market and maybe you will play different songs at different types of parties. Of coverbands it is often expected that they can play 3 sets of 45 minutes. This means you have to firstly spend lots of time rehearsing your repertoire. Remember, a cover version is merely a new recording or performance of a contemporary or previously recorded piece of work done by someone else other than the original artist. If this interests you, we recommend you do some research into the world of tribute bands or musical impersonators. What these bands do is remake a particular artist’s body of work. Some artists would see the process all the way to the album cover. Two such artists who have done this well is Led Zepagain (original band is Led Zeppelin) and rap artist Elzhi having a go at Nas’- Illmatic album.

Starting a band: PART 1

By Russel Hlongwane & Marlyn Ntsele

starting a bandStarting a band costs lots of time and it helps if you know from the outset where you are headed and how you will get there. Before taking the initiative to start a band, you should ask yourself a tricky question. Is a band really the best way for you?

Learn how to play

By Siphesihle Msomi

learnDo I need to tell you that music is a wonderful thing to make? How it has played a significant role in assisting man with their identity and also inspired others to make a change in their lives? I am here to tell you of the various options that are at your disposal and there are many more if you do some research yourself.

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