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By Siphesihle Msomi

Jonathan Heidorn is an interesting young musician from Hannover, Germany.  I sat down with him to speak about his unavoidable interest to the drum kit as he puts it: “I was trained as a musician who plays the trumpet.  This started when I was very young performing with a very large orchestra at the school called Ratsban with brass instruments, percussions and various other instruments.  After sometime playing other instruments are developed a love for the rum instrument.  This love has been a long term one as it has taken considerable time to gather this full kit I now possess”

The guitar

by Siphesihle Msomi & Marlyn Ntsele Inspired by "De muzikantengids, by Jan Van der Plas & Tijs Vastesaeger With a little help from Chillie Stent

The guitar is an instrument that has taken the forefront amongst other instruments.  It has definitely shared the spotlight with various lead singers for striking acoustic and electronic reasons.  The next few paragraphs will give some insight into the instrument that made legends, the guitar.

Acoustic Guitar
The model of guitar we all know and which was the first one to be invented is the acoustic version. The history of this guitar goes back many centuries. The oldest and widely spread model is the “Spanish Guitar”. In the old days the strings of this guitar were made of cat bowels, nowadays the acoustic guitar uses nylon strings.

You will hear the Spanish guitar in a lot of folk and classical  (that is why it is often called “classic guitar”). Even though the name might make you think otherwise, this guitar is produced all over the world. Especially Japan is a big producer of Spanish guitars. In the cheapest price range there are many brands. The better guitar is available from about R2,500/ R3,000. Known brands in this category are Admira, Alhambra, Burguet, Esteban, Martinez, Ramirez, Rodriquez, Ruben and Yamaha. The top of the range models are being crafted by hand by specialists. In this category prices start around R8,000.


By Marlyn Ntsele, inspired by "De Muzikantengids by Jan van der Plas and Tijs Vastesaeger
With a little help from Lindz Ngonelo & Vulane Mthembu.

On the soul front there is "Talking Book" who recorded with ARP's and Kraftwerk is another big name that worked lots with Synthesizers in their electro. ON the hall of fame is the Yamaha dx7, ARP 2600 and Moog. The Rhode weights as an important electronic instrument, that changes character depending on player. Amongst famous players are the likes of Donald Fagen, Herbie Hancock, Ramsey Lewis and James Poyser.
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Synthesizers and Samplers
Instruments with keys have been around since the Middle Ages, however keyboards like we know them from popular music, only originated in the 90’s with thanks to Robert Moog who developed the synthesizer. To put into context, the synthesizer basically creates sounds by use of electronics. Initially you could only use one key at the time (monophonic), but at the end of the 70’s the first polyphonic synth was sold.

The Bass Guitar

By Marlyn Ntsele & Russel Hlongwane

A dear friend once said to me, ‘’I stay away from bass guitarists, they trouble. I’ve been broken far too many times by bass guitarists. But I love the instrument, gosh I do’’. That which is produced by the bass guitar is commonly known as the ‘’anchor sound’’, it’s the instrument that cements the whole ensemble, arguably.



The bass guitar as we

DIY Route Part 1

It all seems so easy: you record a couple of songs, play some gigs, sell CD’s, get your face on a TV quiz and the bucks, groupies and fame come rolling in. That is what you see all around you, right? Well, yes – but what you don’t get to see is what is going on behind the scenes: the years of hard work, the exhausting studio sessions, the months of promotional touring away from home and family, insecurity, doubts, financial trouble and boring meetings with accountants and lawyers. The things that may not exactly fit in with your immediate idea of an artist’s life.

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