A career as a musician in the Music Industry. Which Skills do you need? 2

contribution by Jonathan G. Shaw

A successful career for a musician in the music industries depends on many factors. These include how professional you are, how you deal with life and its challenges, the way you talk about and express your ideas, constantly educating yourself and forgetting about how famous you could get. Here are some things to consider in getting your career on track. Read Part 1 about Professionalism first.


Proficiency also guides you in life skills necessary to withstand a gruelling professional lifestyle. Make no mistake; a professional career in the music industry is as stressful, if not more, than a traditional corporate one. Everyone is placed under stress at different times in their life, and you will often see experienced and wise leaders as cool as cucumbers, and able to rationalise stress better than new and inexperienced learners. All too often, newbies buckle under pressure and end up not delivering on demands. This is also not a short-term, getting-started type of stress. This is stress over years of staying at the top of the game and constantly trying to improve and move to the next level. Throw a family into this mix and things often get out of hand very quickly.

Calculator istockHow you manage your money is often the difference between an established entrepreneur and a struggling artist. An explicit challenge, in the South African content, is where many people in South Africa who have had no money, suddenly but after much work, receive a considerable amount of money. One can be quite unaware of how to invest, fund retirement annuities, pay for insurance and medical aid. And worse, artists often cannot sustain this kind of revenue and end up in debt. Many artists who earned millions of rands die in poverty after it was discovered they had spent all their money or had someone behind them embezzled it. Make sure you seek financial help, even if you earn very little, to plan for your financial future.



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