A career as a musician in the Music Industry. Which Skills do you need? 1

contribution by Jonathan G. Shaw

A successful career for a musician in the music industries depends on many factors. These include how professional you are, how you deal with life and its challenges, the way you talk about and express your ideas, constantly educaJG Shaw Hi Resting yourself and forgetting about how famous you could get. Here are some things to consider in getting your career on track.


Skill 1: Professionalism
One of the most critical things a successful artist has is the ability to sound good all the time. This is quite obvious, but when you look seriously and analytically at what this means it is a challenging undertaking. Proficiency means that you have to practice your art and understand it. Being a professional means you don’t often think about what needs to be done and you are able to repeat the same performance, time after time, in the same way each time. Many new artists, who want to catch that brief spark of brilliance, often spend hours in the recording studio, take after take, trying so hard yet not getting any closer to what a professional would deliver on.
Being professional, and having proficiency, means that you will spend much time in preparation and very little in execution. To get to this level often takes many years. A glimmer of raw talent is enough to get you to focus on yourr art, but is often not enough to sustain your career. In fact, many very talented artists give up a career in showbiz because the demands it places on them do not meet their level of proficiency.

Next week, the next skill: Life Skills

Jonathan G Shaw
Jonathan is a studio owner, record producer, music business analyst, lecturer, author and musician.
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