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By Siphesihle Msomi

learnDo I need to tell you that music is a wonderful thing to make? How it has played a significant role in assisting man with their identity and also inspired others to make a change in their lives? I am here to tell you of the various options that are at your disposal and there are many more if you do some research yourself.

Fundamentally the internet has been a great bridge in the flow of information. The music educators have also caught on to the trend of having online sessions with music students from around the world. The various forms of music lessons may provide content like videos, podcasts, articles, newsletter and blogs. Hearandplay.com is an example that requires signing in after you have received a considerable amount of free content to get you excited about the music lessons to come. Musicians have access to different styles of knowledge from around the world with tutorials being accessed on the net providing audio and visual presentations at the comfort of their homes. Due to the growth of the internet, websites like onlinepianist.com have moved into creating applications for cell-phones and tablets where users can make use of a virtual piano to improve on the experience as you can now practise the chords regardless of your location.

One must acknowledge that limitation where the organic face to face interaction cannot be ignored. The ability to be acknowledged as a student by a teacher focusing on the improvements you make as the student of music still resonates. In Durban, many music schools have been established for various types of music. This also shows that there is an economic value for music even in this city that is developing in the arts and culture sector. The music schools in Durban cater to different markets according to their genres preference and also age difference. As an example COPA has a focus in developing young talent in the live performance genres such as rock, jazz and other popular forms of music that resonates with the youths. These are typical students who have finished their high school and are seeking to focus their careers in the music industry. The Durban Music School also teaches in the same category with an inclusion of the more classical music instruments. The BAT CENTRE has a music development project that has assisted many inexperienced aspiring musicians to be accepted at the university and get involved with the various performance platforms around the city. For the employee who is unable to attend classes during the week, Saturday classes are also available Durban Music School, Bat Centre etc. Music schools and lessons for live performance in Durban that can assist you are as follows:

The Durban Music School: http://durbanmusicschool.org.za/

The Umhlanga Music School: http://www.themusicschool.co.za/

BAT CENTRE: http://www.batcentre.co.za/

The Campus Of Performing Arts (COPA): http://copasa.co.za/

UKZN - School for Jazz & Popular Music:  http://music.ukzn.ac.za





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