Vocal Microphones

by Marlyn Ntsele

Products31031-1200x1200-69562As an artist, it’s advisable to have your own professional microphone that you use for your performances. Typically, microphones found at venues are often liable to wear and tear and are full of bacteria (remember, they’re used weekend in and weekend out for hours on end).

On the technicalities of the device, a microphone works through a membrane that will move because of sound vibrations. This membrane creates an electric “buzz” that is amplified. This same “buzz” is sent through the membrane of the speaker and turned into the original sound (like a “reversed” microphone).

There is an array of microphones in the market to choose from. The dynamic mic is suitable as a vocal mic for your live performance work. Some prefer a condensor mic for studio recording work. You can buy a good vocal mic from about R1,500.00. Popular brand mics are Shure SM58, AKG D 3800 and the Electro-Voice N/D 767. But there is a longer list to the mentioned above, so invest some time and find the mic that suits your voice the best. Just go to a store and try out mics with the help of the store assistance.

Besides a mic, a microphone stand should be part of your equipment as a vocalist. You can get a mic stand from about R350. The clip with which you attached the mic to the stand will come with the mic. To connect your microphone to the sound engineers desk you will need a XLR microphone cable. The cable will need  a “male” and a “female” side.

A nice tool to practice with a the portable vocal trainer by Tascam, the CDVT-1. This is a CD player that filters out the original vocals. You can also add effects to your own voice. The vocalist trainer costs around R1,500.00.

Remember, this is your performance, your reputation, your career so try control it as much as you can, and getting a mic set is yet another tool



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