Practise makes perfect

Tipsrehearsal & tricks for productive rehearsals

“The key ingredient for a successful career in the music business is 5%  inspiration and 95% perspiration”. True or false, that’s up to you. But there’s no denying: only practice makes perfect. Power up your rehearsals with these tips & tricks!


Make a schedule

Step one: compare agendas and set a rehearsing schedule. Easy does it, for example Sunday is rehearsal day, from 2 till 6 pm. If you can’t get together on a regular basis try It will help you finding a date on which everybody is available.

Stick to the schedule!

Step two: stick to the schedule! This is the hard part. Show up in time, and do what you were planning to do. If you wanted to finish that one song, don’t waste your time jamming. If someone can’t make it you should still rehearse. Just focus on the part where he or she is not involved that much.

Choose your policy: no guests, no drugs, no alcohol

Bands who are serious about their music usually have a ‘no guest policy’. Except for other musician who might give new insights to your music, other people hanging out in the room are a distraction. A ‘no alcohol or drug policy’ is also frequently used.

Do you homework

Bands who think they have enough time to rehearse are very hard to find. So instead of individually practicing for 50% of the time, make sure that everyone knows their parts before arriving. Use the precious time you have together!

Chop it up

It may feel counter-intuitive for most artists, but it’s interesting to chop your songs up. The trick is to run sections of a song and work out any kinks that exist for each section, until it’s perfect. Then, make the transitions perfect.  Finally, string together multiple sections and play through them.

Take a break

Short rehearsals can leave little time for anything but warming up, while excessively long rehearsals can lead to fatigue and distraction. A good starting point is a 3-hour rehearsal with a short break every hour.  

Hit the record button

Hitting the record button once in a while will help you discover weaknesses as well as capture the development of the band over time.  We are not only talking about sound recordings, videos say a lot too!

Have fun

Sure, rehearsals should be taken seriously, but there’s a point where being too serious can be just as unproductive as not. It’s a fine line. Music still has to be fun! Enjoy!

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