A career as a musician in the Music Industry. Which Skills do you need? 3

contribution by Jonathan G. Shaw

indexA successful career for a musician in the music industries depends on many factors. These include how professional you are, how you deal with life and its challenges, the way you talk about and express your ideas, constantly educating yourself and forgetting about how famous you could get. Here are some things to consider in getting your career on track. Read Part 1 about Professionalism and Part 2 about Life Skills first

Another important life and business skill is communication. Getting your ideas and points across is very important. I say this not only from a business perspective, but also a musical one. Being able to tell another musician how and why you want them to play a certain part means you will work better with them. Responding to their needs will also make you get along better with them. Having worked with many new artists, I understand the frustration in trying to interpret their musical ideas and make them into something that sounds the way they intended or even better. That’s what a record producer does. The same is true of a musical director for a stage production. This is true of life in general, when talking to family or friends, as well as in business where being clear on something may make or break a working relationship. Being honest about your contribution to a project and giving credit to colleagues is a vital part of respect and reputation in the music business. Getting your intention clear and upfront is better than making demands which don’t sit well after the fact.

Contracts, which underpin the music industries, are essentially communicated agreements which everyone needs to be clear on. In the music business, it is far more common for someone to rob you with your eyes open than to take it from you in some disconnected and far away manner – the kind you often hear about in the news were something has ripped off the music of someone else. No, what I am referring to is the give and take that artists are often confronted with when an agreement is put in front of them to sign. Make sure to arm yourself with knowledge to avoid being taken advantage of. This means that, first and foremost, you need education



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