The DJ - A Snapshot

Hey DJ, bring that back…..hey DJ, turn it up……..hey DJ play that song!

by Russel Hlongwane

These requests sound all too familiar to the DJ, maybe a little too familiar. And ‘’WHY’’ you may ask, well because he/ she is the life of the party.

The acronym DJ actually stands for Disc Jockey. In essence, the DJ sets the pace for the party; he/ she guides the party and most importantly purveys the flavor to the dance floor. You dare not confine the DJ to only the club scene. He could also be the radio DJ. As time passed, DJ’s put out mixtapes of their mixes to circulate and gain popularity and this ultimately create a demand. To really understand the importance of DJing, one needs to look no further than hip hop’s origin. Kool Herc (who is said to have invented hip hop and now hailed as hip hop’s godfather) was a DJ. And this importance is not only understood by hip hop fans but house music, which almost cannot exist without the DJ understands the DJ’s role all too well.


Consider this: Good DJ = Good crowd turn out = More revenue for the clubs = Alcohol brands want crowds = Bigger crowds consume more alcohol = Increased revenue for Alcohol brands and the club owner. And these increased revenues ultimately contribute to the GDP. Off course there’s more to the cycle than the mentioned elements but it serves as a good value chain example.


DJing seems to be a ‘’profession’’ (yes, a profession), that many seem to know about. However, over the next few sentences, I will share a few juicy details to feed your curiosity. 

The first ever DJ laid down his set in 1909, a 16 year old Ray Newbie of California. It was a few years till the first DJ Dance Party was held in 1943 thanks to a Jimmy Savile. While on the continent Europe, Paris was home to the first Discotheque back in 1947.

DJ’s are tastemakers in a way, they are the first one to play the hit, in fact, they make the HIT! So this means that as a person, they shouldn’t be afraid to take risks. Secondly, DJ’ing is a creative process, and like all creative processes, practice makes perfect!

It is said that your chances of ‘’cracking it’’ are increased by making your own tunes and putting it out there. Or failing this, do what the other guy can’t do, in other words, pull a marvelous trick at your nest set.

Off course DJing requires you to work odd hours but such is the entertainment business. So having said this, a desirable DJ is one who is disciplined, prompt, and sociable and has a sharp ear for the next big hit.

And accordingly to this website ( ) the two simple secrets to a DJ’s success is ‘’putting in the hours’’ and playing a bigger game.



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