Composing songs
Composing music1

by Russel Hlongwane


The dictionary defines the term ‘’composing’’ as; ‘’to create a literary or musical piece’’. However, assuming that you respect the craft of music and appreciate the economic value of such, I think we can redefine the term. Composing is the ‘’first step to generating revenue for various departments in the multi- billion dollar entertainment industry’’.


Remember a series of triggers are affected by your composition (your song). To list a few, your composition (your song) will be recorded, of which will result in CD sales. In promotion of these cd’s you have to perform and given enough budget you will receive video airplay. To remain relevant you will need radio airplay which will result in royalties and if influential enough you are sure to get endorsements. You will note that every of the listed activities have revenue potential, all due to your composition.



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