The record company
The Record Company - who does what?

by Marlyn Ntsele and Russel Hlongwane


A record deal, almost every musician dreams about it. I am sure that you have also heard the horror stories about all that can go wrong with a recording contract. This article will explain how the South African recording industry works, why you would get yourself a recording contract and what to keep in mind while negotiating.


Before the record company

by Russel Hlongwane

Before the record company, there was music, yes it was informal but music was there. At the funeral service of the record company there will still be music. Over the past decade, we’ve heard, read and even found ourselves at some point saying the words ‘’the music industry is dead’’. However, if we study closer, we find that the music industry as a whole is well buoyant, but the same cannot be said for the record industry. In fact, the music industry grew from roundabout $132 billion to $168 billion. And in a country like the States concert tickets tripled from $1.5 billion to $4.6 billion during 1999 to 2009.



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