Recording of your music

Demo or professional recording?

A demo recording used to be essential. That was back in the time when you needed to persuade a music exec in a cool suit in a posh office in a tall building in a big city that your music was going to help him to pay off his bond. It was an essential tool in your strategy to persuade her or him to invest in your talent.We would like to state the case that it is no longer necessary to record a demo – if a demo is going to be a cheap and reduced reflection of your talent. Onexus is taking DIY. We are not talking about persuading someone, we are talking about targeting your music fans directly, with quality music. We are talking about taking things into your own hands, which implies that we are not taking half measures.

 If you believe that your talent is worth any respect, spend the right amount of time, energy and money to release a professional recording and get it out there. If this takes a bit longer then recording your songs in your homemade studio in your backyard – well, live with it. In the end, it will be worth the wait. If you can’t afford a full album, consider recording song by song. Releasing one song on the internet makes sense in this day and age.




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