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The Southern African Music Rights Organisation is a collection society whose main purpose is to create value for the creators and the users of music. This organisation, being in existence since 1962 has built for itself a reputable presence in the music industry, not only within the continent of Africa but also internationally as it is a member in good standing of the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC).

SAMRO works by administrating copyrights for musicians whose work is used by music users within industries.  Within its operations, SAMRO is informed by the Copyright Act 98, 1978 that governs copyrights in the Republic of South Africa.  This means that music makers notify SAMRO of their newly created works (music) prior to them releasing the music to be used by various music users who in turn pay a license for using music e.g. radio, television broadcasters etc.
In the context of SAMRO, copyright is administered through performance rights and mechanical rights.  These rights are administered on behalf of the Authors and Composers of the used musical work.  The continued growth and expansive involvement of SAMRO and its board members in the different aspects of the music industry has led to SAMRO also administering needle time rights for performers through its subdivision called Performers Organisation South Africa. 

SAMRO has a variety of forms under which a music maker or user can utilise to ensure that rights of musicians are not enfringed upon when conducting their daily business. These forms can be downloaded from their website www.samro.org.za or call 011 712 8000 for any queries.  Remember to ensure that SAMRO has your updated your contact details when you have applied for membership with SAMRO and lookout for project funding opportunities that are made by the SAMRO Foundation asking for interested parties to apply.  For your own good, do apply!



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