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Two years ago, at the 2012 AGM, a decision was taken by SAMRO members that SAMRO would move out of the Mechanical Rights administration space. For the past two years, SAMRO and NORM have been in talks to find a suitable solution for our members. This has resulted in the formation of CAPASSO.

SAMRO Retirement Annuity Fund (SRAF)

samro logoThe SAMRO Retirement Annuity Fund was established in 1969 for members of SAMRO. The Fund is a separate legal entity registered by the Registrar of Pension Fund’s and is administered by a specialist retirement fund administration company (Robson Savage (Pty) Ltd). Every person who was accepted as a member of SAMRO before 1 January 2013, automatically qualified for membership of the SAMRO Retirement Annuity Fund. Contributions were previously made annually to the Fund on behalf of every member who earned royalties in Southern Africa in any particular year by SAMRO from the SAMRO Social Fund. Following changes to the Companies Act which came into effect on 1 May 2013, SAMRO can no longer allocate funds to contribute to the Fund on behalf of members. The funding of future contributions is currently being investigated by the Trustees of the Fund and attorneys have been engaged to advise the Trustees and SAMRO in this regard. The Fund continues to invest existing members’ benefits as before and existing benefits continue to grow with the returns earned by the underlying investments.

Why Airco?

AIRCO, The Association of Independent Record Companies, is a non-profit National Music Industry Association, proactively serving and representing the interests and development of South African Independent Companies across South Africa and the world. AIRCO members are record companies and labels, across the full spectrum of music genres, from all over South Africa, and ranging from small sole traders to some of the biggest independent operators in the South African music industry.



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