socialmedia networking

by Nathalie Dilewyns


Being a musician, it’s a busy life. Between all the performing, rehearsing and songwriting you would almost forget you have a second life online. Social media platforms are priceless marketing tools, so it is important not to forget about them.

In only 30minutes per day you can find new fans, create new opportunities and improve your music career.

The big five

Make sure you have established profiles on the big five social networks for musicians: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Soundcloud.

At the same time be alert, because the worldwide web is constantly evolving. Stay on the lookout for new social trends: what networks are people using, how are they connecting?

Two posts a day keep the doctor away

Keep your fans awake. According to statistics 2 posts a day per medium is an ideal situation. Try to do something small (like a competition to win tickets for your next concert) once a week and something bigger (like a new song release) once per month.

What to share?

The sky is the limit when it comes to material to share! A bit of inspiration*:

  • Quote.
  • Make an announcement.
  • Provide a discount.
  • Report what you are doing now.
  • Offer your congratulations.
  • Spotlight an artist/writer/composer.
  • Join us at FB, TW, YT.
  • Youtube video. Take advantage of each video you have and send people to watch it every so often.

Talk, listen, connect

Only promoting your music non-stop will feel like spamming after a while. You’re in a two-way street here! Involve your followers. Tell them a secret, ask for their opinions, retweet/share/comment, create a relationship with them.

Stick to it

Building a following takes time and effort. Keep at it, you will pick the fruits in time! If you’re a band then split the job, it’s hard to sustain an online presence for just one person.

Don’t autopost everything

You’ve reached the top if you can give each of your social media audiences a little something different. Your fans want a unique experience in each place. So hold your horses and only occasionally hit the autopost button, spreading the same update to multiple channels.

Measure and analyse

Stats often say more than words. Especially a Facebook-page gives you a lot of valuable information: how do your posts perform, how may fans click, age and location of your audience, … Take your time to analyse the situation, and adapt your strategies to what is working best.



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