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socialmedia networking

by Nathalie Dilewyns


Being a musician, it’s a busy life. Between all the performing, rehearsing and songwriting you would almost forget you have a second life online. Social media platforms are priceless marketing tools, so it is important not to forget about them.

In only 30minutes per day you can find new fans, create new opportunities and improve your music career.

The big five

Make sure you have established profiles on the big five social networks for musicians: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Soundcloud.

At the same time be alert, because the worldwide web is constantly evolving. Stay on the lookout for new social trends: what networks are people using, how are they connecting?

Structuring a complete Digital Marketing Strategy

by Siphesihle Msomi


Having recently completed the Digital Marketing Institute’s (DMI),  Digital Marketing Diploma, I thought I would summarise and share the contents of the course, and at the same time provide a holistic overview of the DMI’s view on Digital Marketing.

What are the top marketing trends you’ve come across?

The program consists of a 5 Day intensive bootcamp covering all the various disciplines of Digital Marketing.

First off, it’s imperative to understand, that there are many channels that make up an entire Digital Marketing Plan, and by selecting only a few of them, you could be leaving out many other crucial aspects.

YouTube launches free guide for musicians

Playbook GuideIn combination with the launch of a new version of it's Creator's Playbook, YouTube has added 5 Playbook Guides to help creators find success on the video streamer. The free Playbook Guide for Music offers best practices to help build a loyal and engaged audience.



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