How to deal with the media
Planting your image into the media

Whats your story

By Marlyn Ntsele

Based on The Muzikanten GIds by Jan van der Plas & Tijs Vastesaeger

When selling your music, you cannot avoid the media, in fact you ‘’kind of’’ need them. And media might need you to fill up their pages and broadcasting time because that’s how they make their money, and that’s how you get yours. Media relations’ is a collaborative game, one that you need to play together (with the journo). And both parties need to know the rules. In this article we explain how it works….sit tight.

The Interview

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 8.38.26 AMBy Russel Hlongwane and Marlyn Ntsele

Based on "De muzikantengids - Jan van der Plas & Tijs Vastesaeger

Communicating with media requires a particular mannerism, you need to have a story, you have to be ‘’cool’’ and at the same time professional. It’s no wonder a lot of musicians suffer from insecurities when it comes to connecting with journalists and over time they fortunately gain their confidence.

How to get the most out of the press….

the press

How to get the most out of the press….

Doing a good job just isn’t enough anymore. The public need to be told that your organization is doing a good job so that you can count on their support. Building public support requires that you tap the resources of the local news media. To do this you must appreciate the importance of working with reporters and editors. Here are some cardinal rules for dealing with the press….


  1. Show no favourism.
  2. Don’t give one reporter a scoop and withhold information from the others or you will wind up losing the trust of all of them.
  3. Be open and honest. Always tell the truth or you will live to regret it. The first time a reporter knows you have not been honest, your credibility is destroyed.


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