Making a press kit: 10 tips & tricks

Making a press kit: 10 tips & tricks

Your prehanding-resume1ss kit is your CV to the music business labour market. It summarises everything professionals need to know about your band: a biography, photographs, press articles, recommendations, etc. Chances are likely that these documents will be the very first thing music professionals and media read about you. There’s nothing like a good first impression, so take your time to prepare it profoundly. These 10 tips and tricks will put you on the right track.

1 Draw attention with a personal introduction

Music journalists, event organisers, radio presenters: like all business people they have loads of work and a limited time schedule. Draw their attention with a cover letter personally addressed to them, and - if possible - refer to a common friend or a previous conversation you had with them. Try to hand them your press kit personally if possible.

2 The biography: stick to the facts

People only remember 10% of what they read. So stick to a compact, fact heavy biography written in a clear and concise way. Need some inspiration? Take a look at your favourite artist’s bio.

3 List your future and past concerts

It’s always a good idea to name well-known venues that you have played, as well as planned gigs. Are there some live shots of these performances available on the internet? Even better, don’t hesitate to refer to them.

4 Add some original high quality photographs

Band pictures symbolise your music, style and message. Be creative, ask that friend who’s into photography to spend a couple of hours together on that special location, and give your press kit some cachet with some original high quality shots.

5 Mention the availability of your music

Music professionals will only be interested if the public can find and buy your music. Is your cd shining on the shelves of the local record stores? Can it be found on iTunes, Soundcloud, Beatport? If you  don't have your own website, it’s worth to take a look at With their free music players you can sell your music on your webpage for a fixed price, or for an amount your fans can choose their selves.

6 Show off your awards

Another powerful ingredient is a listing of contests and/or awards that the band of one of its members has won. They press a quality stamp on your music, which will definitely play in your advantage.

7 Collect positive comments in the media

What are the good things blogs, newspapers, magazines or radio stations have said about you? Keep eyes and ears open, keep a copy of everything and try to make your media collection as large as possible. If you’re planning something remarkable like a cd release party, it won’t hurt to let the local media know.

MUSE Press Kit HAARP Tour Promo8 Collect recommendations from famous artists

Did a famous artist say nice things about you in an interview, on the internet or just face to face? Ask for his permission to use that as a testimony. It works! Try to collect multiple quotes on your music by sending your music to your favourite artists and ask them to comment it, or even better: try to give it to them personally.

9 Evident but important: contact details.

It’s so evident you would almost forget them: your contact details. Make your press kit complete by ending with name, email and number of your manager. Also include your website and your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Soundcloud,…).

10 Add successful music releases

As always, what really counts in the end is not the package but the content: the quality of your music. The decisive moment is not the time your press kit reaches the desk of the professionals, but when your songs reach their ears. Convince your addressee of your talent with some released recordings that have been successful. Adding some poorly recorded demo tapes won’t do any harm either.



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