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by Russel Hlongwanemusic make you lose control by parkour13-d34wv1c

According to research by ‘’Unsigned Guide UK’’, 76% of musicians would sign up to a major for the pure reason of marketing and promotional support. And in Germany this statistic is much higher at 95%, a study conducted by BVMI respectively.

From the muso's mouth

rollingsmouthSometimes writing about music is like dancing about architecture. And thus, we bring you a collection of citations by S.A. artists for S.A. artists. This way you will hear it straight from the horse’s mouth… Flavour of the month: SELLING OUT versus STAYING TRUE TO YOUR (HE)ART…

Compiled by Chantall Grobler



Making a press kit: 10 tips & tricks

Making a press kit: 10 tips & tricks

Your prehanding-resume1ss kit is your CV to the music business labour market. It summarises everything professionals need to know about your band: a biography, photographs, press articles, recommendations, etc. Chances are likely that these documents will be the very first thing music professionals and media read about you. There’s nothing like a good first impression, so take your time to prepare it profoundly. These 10 tips and tricks will put you on the right track.



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