Your live performances

by Siphesihle Msomi

performingI am not by any means an environmentalist but I cannot escape thinking how it would be to see exactly how the orange flower protruding amongst green leaves had come to existence.  I would like to see the process of its growth in real time and not just some well prepared montage.  It occurred to me that the processes of aesthetics are mostly hidden to us, could this be the reason we love seeing a live performance from our favourite musician?  If true, then this has some implications towards the rehearsal and performance process, right?

Whether you will be performing a rendition of your recorded material or having a new twist to your live performance can make or break your positioning amongst your audience.  So what do fans want?  Well your fans expect you to be there.  Your presence needs to be felt.  You have the entire stage to utilize to show that you are here, to get absolute attention. Your entrance, dress code, type of language, the way you carry yourself are all being examined by the audience.  In this time you and the fans matter within your music.  Performing your music is foremost the point of interaction, the point of resonance and sharing, a point of breaking, bending and expanding expectations and the point of artistic.  With all things considered, the musician must ensure a sense of satisfaction amongst the audience because it is a need that led the audience to the event.  Simply put, don’t make it a habit to ignore the call for an encore!  You are the musician by talent but you are also a star becomes someone is looking up to you otherwise who would call you such.

After considering the fans, the event organizers and other relevant business partners are also an important element in your performance.  They have their own particular needs like time schedules, contracts etc.  It is important to acknowledge and accommodate them accordingly to ensure a future with more bookings and expanding your social network.  Guess what?  They also expect you to be there, physically to communicate with them successfully.  This means that a performance begins with preparation during rehearsals, stage decoration, entrance, performance, exit and socializing with organizers.  If it sounds excruciating, it must be the aesthetic process of the orange flower that protrudes amongst green leaves.  What a wonderful scence.  I can not believe I can buy a ticket to see it.



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