The performance
Karen Van Pletsen --- Performances: Negotations & Contracts

KarenInterview with Karen Van Pletsen --- Performances: Negotations & Contracts

By Russel Hlongwane

As many times as it has been mentioned, the decline of the CD has meant that artists are relying more heavily on performance revenues. And it also seems that the paperwork side of performance aspect could be a strange world. So to help us navigate this foreign land, our friend Karen Van Pletsen gave us a few pointers to consider.   

Live sound equipment and set-up

By Marlyn Ntsele

A performance often comes with a lot of work, such as hiring sound, lighting and transport. In this article we give you some practical tips to manage this task.


Your live performances

by Siphesihle Msomi

performingI am not by any means an environmentalist but I cannot escape thinking how it would be to see exactly how the orange flower protruding amongst green leaves had come to existence.  I would like to see the process of its growth in real time and not just some well prepared montage.  It occurred to me that the processes of aesthetics are mostly hidden to us, could this be the reason we love seeing a live performance from our favourite musician?  If true, then this has some implications towards the rehearsal and performance process, right?



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