Awesome ilembe Workshop Program - deadline extended!

Awesome Ilembe WS 2015 2 LRAwesome Africa International Arts Festival has partnered with ILembe District Municipality and Onexus Music Business Solutions to offer musicians in the ILembe region a two- week music business programme. Primarily funded by National Lotteries Commission (NLC) under their Arts, Culture and Heritage. As a catalyst for social uplifting, the NLC is passionate about changing lives through the promotion of Arts.

The deadline for the Awesome Ilembe Music Business Education programme has been extended in order to accommodate more musicians! So, if you haven’t applied, you still have time but not too much so apply NOW!

And why should you apply? Well, because once you understand the business operation of the music industry, then only can you make better decisions and reach your dreams much quicker. Music is a multi-million rand industry, which is to say your talent is a business, but do you have the right business skills to operate it that way? Can you make business decisions on your talent? Or do you trust that other people will ‘’manage your career’’ and make the best decisions for your life, and can you truly trust someone to make critical decisions about your livelihood? If this interests you, then wouldn’t you want to know more about copyrights, music management, copyrights, royalties, digital revolution, recording contracts and all other information about the industry?

This information will be shared at the music business programme. What’s more, the programme will feature a number of guests who will share their experience and give practical advice about how to take ownership of your career.

The opportunity will be offered to 80 individuals who are already producing music, but are lacking business skills. All you have to do is submit a 150 -word motivation letter stating why you should be selected together with your contact and personal details. The deadline for this submission is the 05th September 2016. Successful applications will be notified by the 14th September 2016.

Sign up NOW, see the benefits by the end of the programme. The application form is obtainable and returnable at the Local Municipality Youth Office within the Ilembe District or through This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  





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