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Music is alive! It beats, it breaks and it slumbers. Onexus is a point of support and a steering wheel for all organisations in the music industry of KwaZulu Natal. Onexus can be seen as a lighthouse, not being the end of the journey, but making sure no one sails into the rocky shore. Or a more modern formulation: we are a GPS for individuals and organisations in the music industry.

Onexus is a 100% black owned innovative, young, professional closed co-operative in the Music business sector that works with industry players to create music business solutions.  Its management is a collaboration of musicians, music business management and social entrepreneurs.

We provide the latest, most updated information about the new music industry. We are easy to approach, speak the language of South-African musicians and try to instill a sense of independency through information sharing and education. By doing this, we improve the current state of the South-African music landscape.

We are the ears and mouthpiece of the South-African musicians. Through constant industry analysis and up to date research, we base provide workshops for musicians and other roles in the sector, such as labels, managers, publishers…We facilitate workshops, working towards a music business academy.

Onexus are:
Russel Hlongwane
Siphesihle Msomi
Marlyn Knol



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